Service and Renovations


Whether you just need a component replaced or a complete unit overhaul, the Jack T. Carter Company is here for you. Our equipment division is dedicated and focused only on cooling towers, evaporative coolers & condensers. Our day-to-day experience with Cooling Tower Replacement Parts means that you can have confidence in getting the job done more efficiently, with the correct part, at the best price.


We provide you with factory trained and certified employees having experience not just with the tower, cooler or condenser, and other Cooling Tower Parts but also with the related individual components that are so essential in maintaining towers. Water treatment is critical to the operation and longevity of your equipment. Proper VFD operation is necessary for uninterruptible service and continued energy savings. Our knowledge in these different areas can save you time and the need to coordinate with multiple service providers, which often have conflicting priorities.

Free Inspections

Proactive is always cheaper than reactive. Your evaporative cooling equipment and the related Cooling Tower Parts are critical, so we offer a complete inspection at no charge, helping you prevent an untimely failure that could quickly become very costly.


Existing units can lose significant thermal performance as their components deteriorate. Your cooling tower equipment can quickly be brought back to design capacity or better with a change in the fill, water distribution system, wet deck, coil bundle, or motor and drive components.