The world is currently embedded in the middle of a phenomenon known to many people as the Green Movement. While many individuals believe this movement was recently born from the mouths of environmentalists seeking to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions faced with the reality of an aging planet, its ideas actually stretch back to the mid 1800’s with help from Transcendentalists such as Hendry David Thoreau. As with other popular movements the ideas that built the foundation for the Green Movement have evolved tremendously, spreading into the hearts and minds of people throughout the world.

In the 21st century, the notions of sustainability and energy conservation have made their way into the ethos of many companies both large and small. These companies naturally vary in their scope of service, but all have these goals in mind. One such company, the Jack T. Carter Company, over the past 46 years has become known for two distinct divisions. They are an industry recognized supplier of Cooling Tower products and services for your small and large business needs. Their company is even equipped to meet the unique demands of commercial, industrial and institutional clients. Additionally, the Jack T. Carter Company serves as a manufacturer and master distributor of filtration products that provide innovative solutions for OEM’s and end-users throughout the U.S. and Mexico. From the beginning, their company has earned a reputation as excellent problem solvers and reliable business partners. Since 2010 they have also been proudly certified as a woman-owned business through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

With their ability to provide excellent customer service to the general public, they have expanded their operations to include the distribution of Cooling Tower Renovations, evaporative cooler renovations, and cooling tower services. If your organization believes you may need access to a cooling tower, consider the fact that cooling towers are heat rejection devices, which extract waste heat to the atmosphere though the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. The type of heat rejection in a cooling tower is termed “evaporative” in that it allows a small portion of the water being cooled to evaporate into a moving air stream to provide significant cooling to the rest of that water stream. The heat from the water stream transferred to the air stream raises the air’s temperature and its relative humidity to 100%, and this air is discharged to the atmosphere. Evaporative heat rejection devices such as cooling towers are commonly used to provide significantly lower water temperatures than achievable with “air cooled” or “dry” heat rejection devices, like the radiator in a car, thereby achieving more cost-effective and energy efficient operation of systems in need of cooling.

As previously mentioned, a cooling tower is only one way you can save money through energy conservation. Any of the other methods (Evaporative Cooler Renovations, cooling tower services, etc.) can also help you meet your energy saving goals. So whether you live in a hot place like Arkansas or somewhere cooler, consider how your organization can save money through energy conservation.